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    Margo Schabel

    Thinking of going to this in 2015 –


    2015 Ontario FROG Rendez-vous
    June 4, 2015 – June 7, 2015
    Ferris Provincial Park
    Campbellford, ON   Canada
    Join hosts David & Liz Wray in spacious, leafy sites, unspoiled expanses of woods, and riverbanks waiting to be explored.
    Experience Ferris Provincial Park’s 300-foot Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.
    Enjoy a BBQ dinner sponsored by Forest River & FROG.
    Make reservations at <b></b> or <b>(888) ONT-PARK</b>. Reservations open 1/4/2015. $40/night electric, $35 primitive.
    To confirm or for more info, contact David & Liz at (613) 233-1322


    Anyone been to one of these??  Sounds like it might be good.  Maybe have a RVHH meetup!!  Will be going over to Niagara Falls afterwards.  We try to figure a few places to go for the next year.


    Sounds nice


    Forest River Owners Group.  Had to look it up.  Never been to one but Ferris provincial park is nice.  Like most provincial parks they are not set up for big rigs.  Anything longer than 30 ft and you are likely going to have problems getting around in the park.  I’ll have to check it out but I recall that park as having a large open field so perhaps that is where they will put everyone.  BTW – early June around Campbellford = mosquitoes!

    Margo Schabel

    I was wondering if anyone would figure it out.  LOL   🙂


    Thanks for the info on the park.  Yuck…mosquitoes and me don’t mix well.   :unsure:   Will have to think of this strongly.   Still might tho.

    David Wray


    As this is my first post on this site and, as we are the hosts for this Rendez-vous, I thought that I would bring you up to date on the event.

    The event is open to anyone with a Forest River RV and we currently have 34 campsites reserved with 80 attendees from Ontario, New York, Indiana and Michigan.  The Rendez-vous is being held in both campgrounds – Bedrock (the one with the field for larger RVs) and Valleyview, which has smaller sites and and an elevated view of the valley.

    We picked early June for the event because, while there will be some mosquitos (and I don’t like them either), they are generally less prevalent in early June, and are usually mainly out and about at dusk.  Nothing that some OFF lanterns shouldn’t be able to handle.  And, as the hospitality events and Saturday BBQ are being held in Valleyview, the breeze over the valley should keep them at bay.  Ferris Provincial Park also does not fill up quite as fast as the more popular parks like Sandbanks and Presqui’le so it is easier for people to book a group events like ours.

    We will be offering two day trips to the National Aerospace Museum in Trenton and Petroglyphs Provincial Park.  Half day trips will include driving/walking to Campbellford to see the Giant Toonie, the Ranney Suspension Bridge, Doohers’ Bakery, World Famous Chocolate Factory Outlet, Church-key brewing and Empire Cheese.

    If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to email me directly at


    David & Liz

    2014 R-Pod 178

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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