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    I am having problems with my fresh water pump. I have a Shurflo 4008 RV Revolution pump. The problem is that if I am hooked to city water my fresh water tank over fills and runs out the fill spout. When I am not connected to city water and using only the pump for my water needs  I hear the pump come on for a few seconds even if I am not using any water in the RV. I have replaced the manual fill valve at the city water connection. Did not fix the problem. I was told it could be the check valve in the water pump. If so I will need to replace the pump with another one. Looking for possible replacement pump suggestions.


    Sounds like a check valve to me.  Most of my experience surrounds water pumps on hydro excavation equipment, but it works off the same principle.

    On the bright side, it gives you a good excuse to replace your pump with a better quality option.  I know Ray did a video about it awhile back.  That should be around here somewhere.


    To see if its the water pump you could disconnect the line out of it and plug it, then see if the city water is still filling the tank or not.  I have the Shurflo 4008 as well.

    Here is what the check valve looks like – Funny timing I just had to take apart my city water check valve, was leaking water out when using the onboard water pump.


    Do you have a bypass valve that switches from city to power fill? My Fuzion does

    I’ve heard some people have had this malfunction. Probably the plactic ball not closing all the way.


    Oopsie I re-read your post, you said you already changed that valve.

    When not hooked up to water, My pump will come on every now and then for a few seconds. I figure it’s air in the line but seems to happen after moving.

    When we are setting up with city water I usually run the outside sprayer until no air in the line, then turn it off.

    Not sure if any of this helps but I hope you figure it out soon.


    Have been viewing some YouTube videos on my problem with the check valve in the water pump. I saw this fix on one of the videos. Place this  back-flow preventer on the outlet side of the pump and it is supposed to stop the bleeding of the water into the fresh water tank.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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