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    Rob Church

    Ripped straight form the Los Angeles Times.,0,1038288.story#ixzz2wwDQEWzG

    The guide could really come in handy for finding quick alternatives when you arrive at your favorite “first come, first served” public campground and find it full up. It breaks up the state into 12 regions, from the North Coast to San Diego and eastern deserts.

    Regional and individual park maps, events and highlights in the area, and details (important things like price, number of electrical hookups, whether tents are allowed, etc.) also are included. There are three ways to get the guide: download it from the website, download it from iTunes or Google Play on your mobile device, or request or pick up a print copy.

    Find the guide here:


    Thanks Rob, looks like a good guide. Sorry it didn’t show up when you posted , it triggered the forum spam filter and I didn’t notice. Sometimes it can be flaky and get good stuff wrong. Sorry Ray


    Thanks Rob,

    Could come in very handy for the way we travel.  Got ‘er down loaded.

    Rob Church

    No worries Ray. Hope people find it helpful.

    Dan Huhn

    Nice guide Rob thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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