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    Kent V. W.

    I’m in Montana at my son’s shop for the summer… Pan right from my “porch” and here’s my view.

    Foxy couple had three kits. Foxes have nothing but fun me thinks. They play all the time.. That’s their borrow/den lower left..

    There’s a deer here too with two fawns.. They got near the foxes with the kits running over to play and momma deer showed the kit’s back home! – Head down and she showed them who’s boss!

    Way too fun!

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    Karen Kelley

    Love the pic of the foxes. Too cute.

    We’re staying about a month at our son’s in Michigan. Their driveway was too short so our rig will be in storage on/off.

    Have fun at your son’s!

    Stephen C Keller

    Nothing more entertaining than wildlife. Sounds like you have a front row seat. Keep it warm before someone else takes it.    :Big-Grin:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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