First Try at Using my New Instant Pot DUO Mini

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    In this video, I unbox, setup and demo my new Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 quart programmable pressure cooker.

    I purchased the Instant Pot off Amazon a few months ago after hearing so many other RVers rave about it. I think it’s going to be useful for cooking up meals this summer without needing to run the hot gas oven.

    The first thing I try to cook is Country Style Pork Ribs, and they turn out fantastic! I think I’m now hooked on the Instant Pot and look forward to trying out more recipes.

    Stay tuned for a second video soon. I plan to test it out running off my RV battery bank running our 1000 watt inverter. I’ll test the amperage draw and overall amp hours used for a 30-minute pressure cooking session and a 4-hour slow cooking session.

    If it doesn’t run down the battery bank too much, it may also be useful when boondocking.

    Products used in the video ( Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate Links)
    Instant Pot Duo Mini –
    O-Grill BBQ –


    I’m really looking forward to the results of using it via your battery bank Ray.

    That’s an interesting take.  If it’s sustainable, that’s a giant plus for you boondocking folks.


    Hi, Ray, and all.  Ray, I just bought an Instant Pot and was very interested in the recipe that you used for the Country Style Pork Ribs.  Would you mind either posting/sending the recipe, or directing to source you used?  Thank you.


    [quote quote=52286]Hi, Ray, and all. Ray, I just bought an Instant Pot and was very interested in the recipe that you used for the Country Style Pork Ribs. Would you mind either posting/sending the recipe, or directing to source you used? Thank you.

    I based mine loosely on this one


    Thanks, Ray.  I had seen him online.  I’ll get back to ya after my first time in the Instant Pot – Yes, you aren’t the only one that was a bit late on the ‘Instant Pot’ band wagon.  Mine arrives tomorrow and will be replacing two crock pots and a rice cooker.  I also found a recipe for Pot Roast I’m going to try.


    Instant Pot DUO Mini – Off Grid Power Usage Tests

    In this video, I few tests using my boondocking power system and my electrical circuit testers to see how much energy Instant Pot drains from my battery bank.

    I set up three different tests. Test one records the power drain from my RV batteries during a 5-minute steamer cycle. Test two I did a 30-minute pressure cook and three a 4-hour slow cook.

    Test Results:
    5-minute steamer cycle used 9.59 amp hours
    30-minute pressure cooking cycle used 16.9 amp hours
    A 4-hour slow cooker cycle used 24.5 amp hours

    I was extremely pleased with the results. During the tests, I discovered that the Instant Pot used a little over 60 amps, but that was mainly during its heating and pressurizing stages. After that it went into an intermittent cycling mode, only drawing power as needed. My 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter easily handled the load.

    The low amp hour usage means we will be able to enjoy the Instant Pot when camping off the grid on battery power. Our battery bank consists of 4 large golf cart lead-acid batteries with a usable capacity of over 200 amp hours. Cooking with the Instant Pot DUO Mini will only use up a small slice of that which if the sun is out will be quickly recouped by our solar system. In full sun our five 100 watt solar panels can put out 25-30 amps.

    Two thumbs up to the Instant Pot. I look forward to trying out recipes. See previous Instant Pot Video where I demo it making yummy pork ribs –

    Products Seen in Video: (Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate Links)

    Instant Pot DUO Mini –
    UNI-T Clamp Meter –
    Fluke Multimeter –
    Trimetric Battery Monitor –
    1000 W Pure Sine Inverter –


    I’ve found that the pressure cooking mode on the Instant Pot uses way less energy than a slow cooker for similar results. I end up using it almost every day whether we are plugged into shore power or running off our batteries (4 GC batteries, 2k watt inverter). The other item that gets regular use during hot weather is the induction cooktop. It’s more controllable than the propane stove and doesn’t heat up the rig.


    I finally purchased a Instant Pot.  We got the 3qt Ultra and I must say it’s the best rice cooker I’ve ever used!  I ended up messing around with it and came up with a pretty good recipe for seasoned rice that you folks might like.  The wife and I make it about once a week and it goes with most dishes:

    1 Cup Basmati or Long Grain Brown Rice

    1 10oz can of Rotel diced tomatoes w/ Chiles

    1 Cup Vegetable Broth

    2/4 tsp Kosher Salt

    1/2 tsp garlic powder

    1/2 tsp thyme

    1/4 tsp black pepper

    1/4 Tsp Rosemary

    I use high pressure for 4 minutes and then natural pressure release for 10-12 minutes.  I’m also at 6,000ft., so doneness might vary for sea level.

    Special Note*  I’ve found that if I don’t use the tomatoes I need to add 1/4 cup water or broth to maintain the right consistency.



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