First trip with Rover II

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    So it’s our first trip with Rover II ( North Point 377RLBH). Just my 10 years old son, Maya the 90 lb German Shepherd and me…

    We kind of chicken out for the first trip and went to a campground. I also wanted to test my new electric wiring and the surge protector and the magnum charger and it’s always easier when something is missing to just go to a close by store.

    Not a nice weather, rain and cold ( about 5 celsius or 40 F) I must admit the floor plan with a kid is really nice, he has is own area ( loft) and we still have the small office/2nd bedroom for the computer and other stuff. Went to buy one of those shower curtain bar and installed it in the shower… so we can hang cloth to dry, and the bar is so easy to remove when we want to use the shower,, twist 1/4 of a turn and it get loose.

    Driving that big rig is a piece of cake, MPG is the same as Rover I ( Jayco 323LKTS) even that the new one is about 2000lbs heavier and put probably 500-700 lb extra on the box of the truck.

    We have that 6 points levelling system on it and it really keep the rig stable, one think… the jacks are really close to the ground when driving so need to be careful with the angles… so I avoid some of the Dohhhhh that could make Ray’s top 10 list of stupid stuff that can append 😉

    Trying to keep it warm is easy when shore plugged, the small fireplace heater and a small portable extra one and we can keep it in around 68. Another story if we had to run the furnace those one are so inefficient that we will probably think about a catalytic one.

    I need to read the manual of the Magnum Charger… because it stop charging even that it said the SOC is at 96%… not sure if it has something to do with the solar system ( that still manage to send 4 AMPS to the bank even that we are under full clouds). It come to 100% at the end but the magnum send 0 amps.

    We also need to upgrade the 4 roof vents.. they came without cover… we can buy the cover that goes over the one we have but we will probably buy 3 of the MAxxair one with the remote ( Living area, loft and bedroom) and we will probably switch the one currently in the living room that has a wired remote and install in in the bathroom. Some items we will order during our next trip south of the border, is way cheaper than the .ca version…for the same product, even with the exchange rate.

    So time to go to the dirt bike park with Ben he want’s to try his BMX there…



    Uploaded a couple of pictures… Weather was really crapy, we decided to come back yesterday. Took the time to winterize the trailer ( antifreeze in the lines).

    Lucky we choose to come back… look at this morning picture out of the house..

    Here is the album

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