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    I need your brain power (and experience seeing different 5er models). Here’s my question- What fifth wheel models do you think I could do my computer job for 24 hours+ per week in a room separated from my wife and 3-yr -old?

    The question is intended to discuss what models have a physically large enough space to use the computer without removing it daily for other tasks, not the other challenges related to working while camping/boondocking. So, for example, working on the dinette table doesn’t count since we also need to eat there (not to mention ergonomics of those benches   :Crying2: ) I don’t mind stowing the computer and desk while traveling and with slides in.

    Backstory: My family is planning to begin doing 2-3 week work-on-the-road trips and we are looking at fifthwheels that have space for me to work at a desktop computer about 24 hours each week. I use a desktop computer to do CAD drawing so I simply need desk space for keyboard and mouse and a decent chair- maybe a 40″ by 40″ area. At first this sounds simple, but here is the difficulty- I have a 3 year old and hopefully a new baby on the way soon. So, I need a room that can be closed off with a door. It doesn’t need to be sound proof but just a physical barrier to quiet the daily living noise down so I can concentrate and do occasional business phone calls when all is calm. Oh and did I mention, we are also on a budget (up to $20,000 so we are talking about the major brands around 2005-2010 years from private sellers) and don’t want to get any longer than 34′-36′.


    Here are the things we are considering:

    1. Ideally, find a model in which I can work in the master bedroom since that room doesn’t get used during the day anyway and it has a door.
      1. Some units with side-slide-out beds appear to almost have enough room at the foot of the bed to remove the drawers and have a fold down desk and chair to sit at. This seems to vary based on model and slide depth.
      2. Other units have a wide floor space between the bed and the bathroom in which I could setup the desk and chair. But I think this will always block access to a dresser that is in the slide-out between the bed and bathroom.
      3. Find a model with two slide in the bedroom so I can work at the foot of the bed inside the one slide.
    2. Get a bunkhouse model and remove the bed to add a desk.
    3. Get a toy hauler and work in the garage although this is overkill for the 40″ by 40″ area I need. These are also usually above my budget and too long.
    4. Get a model with a extra “den” room on the back. These are generally longer than 34′.

    Anyone have any different ideas or specific makes and models I should look into?



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