FanTastic Fan Maintenance – Cleaning & Lubrication Attempt

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    A little over 4 years ago I installed a 12 VDC FanTastic RV roof vent fan in the main living area of our Keystone Cougar trailer. –

    I installed it mainly to help keep us cool when off-grid camping (aka boondocking) and for quickly removing excess moisture and cooking odors from the RV.

    Overall I’ve been pleased with the fan, it moves a ton of air with relatively low power consumption. Roughly 1.5 – 3 amps depending on the speed setting of low, medium and high. The model I chose also has a built-in thermostat control so I can set it only to run when needed.

    In this video, I disassemble the fan for cleaning. I remove the fan blade and motor assembly. While I have the motor out, I try to fix an annoying low-speed squeaking that has recently developed.

    The motor isn’t designed to come apart, so I try and work some silicone lubricant spray down the fan spindle shaft. Hopefully, it can find its way into the bearing. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I may have to order a replacement motor.

    Once cleaned and lubed I reassemble the Fantastic fan and give it a test run.


    Good job Ray!

    I don’t see where you took off the screen from the inside. Can you go over that?

    Mine needs cleaning, especially since it acts like a stove vent in the kitchen. I’m afraid of breaking the screen attachment.

    I also have a maxxair in the bedroom that acts like a vacuum … Evacuates and pulls the dusty air from the other openings. It’s covered in grime. Same thing… Not sure how to get the screen off without breaking it. Maybe I’m just too cautious?

    I guess I could just Google it   :Thinking:


    The screen is just held on by plastic tabs it snaps off and on, takes a bit of force. Always feels like I’m gonna break it. There is one spot where the plastic is raised a bit to start it out from.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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