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    See full blog post – https://buff.ly/2vDIIjr

    In the video, I install an EZ Snap Exterior RV window shade on our Keystone Cougar trailers large rear window.

    EZ Snap – https://buff.ly/2wPLfFL provided me with a free sample.

    I go through the installation steps and share tips for the best install outcome. No special tools were required, and any DIYer would find it incredibly straight forward.

    The EZ Snap shade is held onto the RV with 3M VHB stick on studs which I found preferable to drilling and screwing to install regular shade snaps.

    We will use the new EZ Snap shade for a few weeks, and I will return with a full review video for you

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    Very cool. I had been wondering on how to add that when needed so to keep interior cooler on sunny days and no shade or less shade. Now we know.  Thanks  :good:



    Update, here is my review and demo post on the shades

    See Full Blog Post – http://www.loveyourrv.com/ez-snap-exterior-rv-window-shade-review-demo/

    In this video, I demo and review the EZ Snap RV exterior window shade. We have used it for approximately 2 weeks to get a good feel for how it performs and our likes and dislikes.

    I also did a few rudimentary temperature, and light tests comparing the shades with the regular RV interior shades, a clear window and with Reflectix Foil inserted.

    *EZ Snap RV Window Shade Pros and Cons*

    The Good:

    – Easy to install and custom size the shade
    – No drilling or screw holes in RV sidewalls
    – Provide excellent privacy
    – Lightweight and easy to store
    – Removeable
    – Attractive looking outside
    – Simple to Clean
    – Relatively inexpensive

    The Bad:

    – Hard to clearly see out when close to the blind
    – Darker than our regular RV white day shades
    – Annoying moire pattern where screen is over window bug screens
    – Tedious to pull off and reattach every day if required

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