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    I guess this qualifies as a ‘geeky’ question although probably not too relevant to anything.  My buddy has a water powered electrical generator (pelton wheel) at his cabin.  My understanding is that once electricity is generated it has to go somewhere (get used, stored in a battery etc).  My buddy’s system dumps excess power to electrical baseboards.  How does this work in an RV solar setup?  If the sun is shining, your batteries are full and you aren’t using any power, where does the excess power go?


    It goes nowhere. The solar panels charge controller is like a valve and it will just shut off the excess flow of current. It doesn’t hurt anything. Just like a panel lying out in full sun not hooked up doesn’t do anything.

    J J

    After a couple hours of sun my batteries at topped off from the night before and for the rest of the day the power is just wasted….. I would like to sell it to the unit parked next door, I’d sell it at half the price the park is charging… heheheheheh…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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