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    Joe Hunnicutt

    Last Sunday I hooked up the rig and made my escape from Wyoming just in front of (kinda) the approaching weather that now has the state in the deep freeze.  Of course I had to deal with our typical Wyoming breezes (50-70mph gusts over South Pass) which forced me to divert 150 miles out of route just to get to Utah.

    The first nite was spent at a two-star Walmart in Orem but Monday put me in St. George at the Elks Lodge.  It’s not quite boondocking as you do have electric hookup but that’s it and the view is spectacular and the Lodge itself is one of the fanciest I’ve ever seen.

    Today I’m rolling up the lawn and heading for Cedar Pocket on the Arizona Strip to drop off the grid completely for a few days.  Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit before I have to go back to civilization.

    Below is the link for a video of the Elks Lodge area, if you’re a member and you’re passing through this area I highly recommend this for a quick stop to de-winterize or just to relax for a day.



    Will be joining Elks when we start traveling.


    Nice video and great view.  KOA camping at its finest. Safe travels.


    Nice overview!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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