Elk Country RV Resort

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    We’ve past by the Elk Country RV Park several times on our journeys up and down the coast on Highway 101 and marveled at how the local Roosevelt Elk herd was sometimes right in the campground.

    This time, we decided to stop for the night. Here is a bit of footage of the herd and the campground.

    I’m sure Anne got some nice photos, she was snapping them like crazy. Not too often you get this close to a herd!

    It’s located just south of the Redwood National Park between Eureka and Crescent City CA

    Marsha & Dewey

    This place is fabulous and the best agate beach is right across the street. We were blessed to live in eureka the last 4 years before retirement. Some of our rv weight are rocks I polished off that beach…. Lol


    Wow. What a spot to camp.


    Cool park would like to see elk up close. Marsha and Dewey my wife just started tumbling rocks for jewelry,she is trying to make beach glass jewelry also. Do you make it with your finds?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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