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    Jeff Ledford

    We are moving into our Georgie Boy motorhome this week to become full timers, and we are still new to all of this.

    Our rig is set up for 50 amp power, and we will be in a park that has 30 amp supply. I know this will drastically limit our electrical usage, and since we run a business from our home, I am not sure that we will have what we need to operate our computer, A/C, refrigerator and such.

    Would a solar system (Renogy 400 Watt) cure this for us?

    Don Kline

    As a suggestion for things you plug in, use an extension cord from the 20 amp. I sneak one in through the slide seal and plug in an electric heater. I only have 30 amp in my cougar and this is how i get 2 heaters to run at the same time..


    [quote quote=32186] Would a solar system (Renogy 400 Watt) cure this for us? [/quote]

    Not too much. Even in full sun, you’ll likely only harvest 300 – 350 watts off it. Panels are never 100% efficient. When converted to 120 volt AC amps that’s only at best 3 amps or so.

    Might be worth it if you do plan to do some boondocking in future anyway.

    With the 30 amp service, you will have to learn which appliances can’t be on at the same time. Like not running both ACs at the same time. Also switching the fridge and water heater to propane will help free up amps to be used elsewhere.

    Cheers Ray

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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