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    Hi Doug , When I pulled my microwave to run the solar panel wires down it was only 4 or 6 screws .  Not that hard with a extra hand to lower it .  After your last post I think it could be just long extension cord run and amp draw .   No. ten wire is still pretty light even for a 30 amp draw I would think.   Paul ..  :scratch:



    Good luck Doug. Seems like you will nail it down very soon. It seems to me that 80 percent of electrical failures of equipment that was working, are a result of human intervention. Changes made, upgrades, etc. Sounds like a dead short on the line or very close to a dead short. A screw in a wire though a wall, and so on. Let the warranty people find out since it was part of the price of what you paid for it. Maybe they will be getting you a new microwave under warranty. Good luck.



    Just for information, I did the calculations and it seems that your extension cord would only result in a 3-volt drop in voltage, only cost about 1/2 amp of current available and only decrease wattage supply by about 50 watts.  (that’s at a full 15 amp draw).  Good luck with the project and been nice chatting about it with you.



    Well another evening of discovery. I pulled the micro, pretty easy, and the micro works fine plugged into the house. The circuit breaker tripped without the micro so I pulled the receipt and unwired it. Breaker still tripped. Pulled the breaker and ran a continuity check on the wire and it failed. Interestingly, the wire going into the receipt was white Romex while the wire coming from the breaker out of the panel was yellow romex. I believe there may be a junction box in the slide out but the slide is fully enclosed underneath. I will be calling the dealership in the morning. Ah, fun and games.


    One thing we do is help each other when we can. We may not have all the answers but we do bounce ideas off each other and hopefully help each other fix issues that comes up.  Hopefully you will find the answer to your issue and get it fixed. Bet you will. Sometimes what should be the easiest fix is so darn hard.  :Thinking:


    Stephen, Yeah, I was hoping it was just a bad breaker or maybe even the microwave but it looks like a trip back to the dealer for repair. Everyone here has been encouraging and helpful. Every thought and suggestion got me digging deeper and moving in the right direction. I’ve belonged to other forums before, not RV specific, and I chose this one because of the community. I look forward to getting to know great folks here. Will let everyone know the outcome.



    Well. I ended up taking the 5er back to the dealership on Friday morning after checking all I could and explained it all to the dealer. They checked it all out and called me this morning to let me know that it was all set and ready to go. The problem was a melted connector in the junction box. Apparently when I brought the unit home and plugged it in, I made the mistake of turning on the lights, furnace, and fireplace. It was 30 degrees in the unit! I was plugged into a 20amp circuit in the barn running thru the 10/3, 15amp extension cord. The converter draws 7 to 10 amps when all the lights are on and the furnace draws a few to run the fan. But the fireplace draws 15amps and so when I turned on the micro, the circuit overheated instead of tripping and melted the connector. Hmmm. It should have tripped the main with that much of an overload. But the micro circuit kept tripping. Hopefully all is well and they checked everything out and I learned a big lesson that really could have been devastating. When at home and plugged in, lights and fridge only. I’m going back to the dealer on Saturday to bring it home and get ready for our shakedown cruise. Thank you all for your encouragement as I walked thru this . Hopefully not again real soon. Take Care


    Seems strange.  The junction box? where was that in all these circuits?  it must of had loose connectors to get hot and melt.  Oh well.  Too much juice and not enough Snoose.



    Happy to hear that they found the issue. I agree that it must have had a loose circuit even just a touch. One thing to learn is to check all the screws and wires on sockets, junction boxes and outlets to make sure they are tight. Thanks for letting us know. I will pull all of mine and check everything so hopefully can fix anything before a issue like that happens to me.

    Have a great shake down trip.   :yahoo:


    Yeah, scratched my head over that but electrical can get weird at times. But moving forward just making sure all is good. Can’t wait to get her home and packed. Need some getting acquainted time. :Winking:


    :good: :yahoo:   :yahoo: :yahoo:


    I have to admit that even though this is my second 5er, why I didn’t think about what I was trying to do  in turning everything on just to make sure everything worked and overloaded the circuit. The breaker was working just fine in tripping because I was overloading the circuit. The “toasty” one in the middle was the circuit for the micro, the top one that was starting to show signs of melting was the fireplace, and the other is  the general 110 outlets in the slide. The micro one is actually so burnt that it crumbled. I thank God that I didn’t catch the rig on fire.  Fortunately a small price to pay for what could have been so much worse. The 5er is back home and getting ready for the shakedown if it warms up. :-(



    Wow! If the microwave plug melted the outlet like that the plug must have overheated. Hope the blades on the plug are ok. Tarnished contacts inside the outlet must have caused that. I used a spray contact cleaner at work and now think I may spray all my camper outlets because of condensation causing poor contacts. This stuff is great, it will even make a flashlight brighter when sprayed on battery contacts.

    deoxit d5 spray contact cleaner.  :-)

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    :Sweating:   WOW ! Hope you found them all.   :good:     Great job!


    Thanks all, The dealer went thru everything and assured me that everything was working fine. I’m again thankful that it wasn’t much worse. We now can close this chapter and move on! Blessings to you all! :bye:

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