electric brakes and breakaway cable

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    Mike and Lesia

    When I unhitched, I forgot to disconnect the breakaway cable from the truck. It pulled loose from the trailer when I pulled the truck away, as it is supposed to do. I didn’t notice the cable laying in the truck bed for  couple of days. With the cable pulled from the trailer, wouldn’t the battery send voltage to the electric brakes for the whole time it was disconnected? Would this hurt the brakes?


    HI was your unit sitting parked at the time? if yes then no harm.
    But if you had it unhooked form camper while driving the brakes
    Should have been dragging if they where
    Working. On most electric brakes controller in the
    Truck at a slow speed under 5mph on gravel
    Road try moving the sidle arm of the controller to the
    Right that should engage the brakes.
    Everyone set there brakes different I like 6.5 with my rig.

    Mike and Lesia

    Yes, it was parked, not moving. It was also plugged into shore power, so the battery was being charged and not draining. From what I understand, the trailer brakes work via electromagnets. I was afraid having them energized for a couple of days would hurt them. Thanks for the reply and dispelling my fears.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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