Eddie's Awesome Solar and Power Setup

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    I’ve just completed a blog post detailing the solar and power systems in RV full timers and RVHH members Eddie and Aileen’s fifth wheel.


    He was kind enough to help me go through it with video to give you a real good look!  :good:  I think you’ll see he is a pretty talented guy.

    Thanks for sharing your system and a bit of your hard won knowledge with us Eddie. 🙂


    RVHH Chief Cook and Bottle Washer - LoveYourRV.com



    Cool setup and beautiful workmanship! 🙂



    Very nice,wish I was that handy.



    I wish I could have a neighbor who knew what Eddie does and just point his finger. This goes here and that goes there.

    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016


    Very well done Eddie! Nice Job!  :good:

    Don't give up on your Dream!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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