Dry Camping Fun at Whitewater Draw AZ

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    Feb 2015 found us RVing through south eastern Arizona. My wife loves photography so while researching a place to camp I found out about Whitewater Draw Wildlife area, close to Tombstone.


    Every winter thousands of Sandhill Cranes hang out in the shallow waters here. The refuge allows free overnight parking for RVs in a small roundabout area. Perfect! Every morning just before sun rise the cranes take flight filling the air with thousands of birds. Quite the amazing sight but also amazing sound wise as they begin to cackle excitedly as the dawn breaks.

    In this video I’ll give you a look at the overnight camping area, the early morning flight of the birds and some other highlights from our short 3 night visit. Also at the end I have a collection of my still images I took during the visit.

    We had a good time and met some other cool RVing folks while there. I highly recommend a stop over if you love bird watching and photography. 😉

    Dan Huhn

    That’s an awesome video. I will have to put that place on bucket list when we retire. I’m sure the video doesn’t do it justice.



    We’re with you Dan! Already in our sights as we have family in the Tucson area and Whitewater Draw isn’t far from there!!


    Awesome video! I am always interested in learning about new places to dry camp. This place looks great. Thanks for sharing!



    I agree with the above comments.


    Thanks folks, pretty cool spot. I’m sure Anne got some awesome photos with her big lens. Will share the link down the road when she posts them.


    Great – Thanks,


    The morning sky was beautiful.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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