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    We are looking for portable propane BBQ and a charcoal / wood smoker for the RV.  I do like to entertain around the Q but I don’t need a large grill.  Any suggestions?


    We got one of theses Camp Chef two burner stoves from Cabelas and love it. We got the BBQ box and the iron griddle so the stove does triple duty and folds down into a manageable size that takes up less room than a barbecue and a stove. With one of those wood chip boxes in the BBQ box it would turn it into a smoker. I used it at a pancake breakfast last summer with two griddles on it and cooked pancakes and sausages serving over 100 people in an hour and a half with no problem. I love this thing, don’t leave home without it. 😉

    Checkout the video.


    That is one awesome grill.  We don’t have Cabelas here but do have a Bass Pro.  Wonder if they carry that unit?  Thanks Rick.


    Here’s the dealer locator page of the Camp Chef website.


    Really cool unit, like the adjustable leg feature and modular design, looks like a smart built unit.

    Amazon has the basic unit for 99$

    I use a grill called an O-Grill. Good little unit if space is an issue. It folds down really small. I can fit it in my basement storage. easy to clean as well.


    I found the Browning 2 burner unit for Camp Chef at Bass Pro for $120.  The Camp Chef web site for the Browning unit is $181  and the Explorer is $171 .  The Explorer 2 burner at WalMart  is $129.  As Ray mentioned, Amazon has the base unit for $99.  So shop around.  Think I’ll stop by several out door type stores to see what else is out there.



    If you have entertained the idea of a portable pellet BBQ, then Traeger makes a tabletop unit that would be easily packed away in your RV.  We have given it some thought, and we will probably make this our next purchase for our travels.  We currently have a Traeger BBQ in our backyard and use it almost every night from April until November.


    Solo geek here.  I don’t need much room and this one won’t be a smoker, but I couldn’t resist the Star-Wars-looking thing!

    Marsha & Dewey

    Hi Ray, what a cute little Barbe … I was talking to my son the other day and he said those small propane bottle can be refilled, there is a gismo at Walmart that you can get, I haven’t got one yet, but am planning on checking it out. You probably already know about it. 🙂

    Marsha & Dewey

    What a cool looking barbe! Love it!


    Ya, it’s cool looking, works great too. I’ve had it modified to plug right into my trailers external propane port so I can run it off the big tanks in the trailer, have a 15 foot hose so I can use it away from the rig.

    Rather than refilling the little bottles, most folks carry a little propane tank and an adapter hose for thier barbeques.

    Eddie & Aileen

    I love to BBQ, realy love to fire pit cook, all the different BBQ’s are neat! We have a Webber-Q grill for 3 years now and love it. Like Ray we have a quick-desconect hose for grill to work off 5er bulk tanks,works great. Anyone else out there have a Webber-Q? Do you like it?

    Happy Trails!!!


    Looks like R2D2. Like it!


    That reminds me that I have some portable propane camping gear stashed away from the years camping with the kids. Screws onto a tank and has several take offs. Now where did I put that………


    Anyone out there have a good recipe for BBQ brisket?  Never done one but would like to give it a shot.

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