City Water Check Valve Disassembly and Repair

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    In this video, I remove and disassemble the RV’s city water input connection. Inside is a plastic check valve plunger, a spring, retaining clip and small rubber O-ring. Our city water connection has been weeping water when using the onboard water pump and fresh water tank, for dry camping.

    I figured what was happening is the check valve was leaking due to a dislodged, worn or damaged O-ring. Sure enough, once I got the check valve pulled apart, I found the rubber O-ring dislodged. I cleaned all the pieces and lubricated the O-ring with LUBE-ALL. After doing this, I demo how to disassemble and reassemble the check valve components.

    Finally, I reinstall the city water input and test for leaks. No signs of any. Down the road when I can pick up a new city water input, I’ll replace the whole thing. They aren’t too expensive and this one has seen 8years of full-time RV living.

    Amazon Parts Links:
    Lube-All –
    New City Water Input –


    Thanks Ray, Good info and nice work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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