Carbon Monoxide Detector Was Beeping Twice

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    In this video, I replace our RVs Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. The CO alarm had started emitting 2 beeps every 30 seconds indicating an end of life. I swap it out with a new unit that never needs a battery change and lasts 10 years. It has a digital readout which displays CO PPM (parts per million)

    I took the opportunity to also replace the smoke alarm with one that also does CO detection. Then I replaced my RVs primary fire extinguisher with a more substantial commercial unit and checked the LP gas detector. It’s nearing its 7-year end of life too, and I will replace soon.

    Stephen C Keller

    Thank you Ray for the reminder. I had already changed and replaced all the smoke alarms in our rig and added another propane alarm. I also will probably need to change the one that is hooked to the 12 volt system as I don’t know if it has ever been changed since we purchased it used and redid to our specifications. Again, Thanks  :good:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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