Candle Powered Lamp & 12V 360 Degree Fan

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    In this video, I unbox, demo and review two new RV gadgets in my collection. Both are from a Canadian based company called Caframo.

    One is the JOI candle-powered LED lamp and lantern combo and the second is a Sirroco II 360 degree 12-volt cooling fan. Both are ideal for boondocking since the lantern uses no power and the fan draws extremely low amperage but still moves a good volume of air.

    The two items were provided to me free of charge by Caframo. I had earlier this year purchased their True North electric heater and put out a review video and a second mod video about it. They saw the video and asked if they could share it and offered to send me out a few products to try out and possibly review.

    Based on early impressions I think both items are well built and perform as advertised. I’m happy with them and look forward to using them a lot during this snowbird trip. Though many may find the prices expensive. They are made in Canada and IMHO of higher quality than your typical offshore stuff on the market. Time will tell if they prove to be worth the extra money.

    Links to previous True North Heater Review and Wireless Thermometer Mod

    Links to items seen and mentioned in the video:

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