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    has anyone bought a RV at a tradeshow & traded their old rig in ? how would that work ? do you show up at show with your rig for them to look over ?  wouldnt make much sense to  buy at show and then get lowballed on trade in value. Or is it better to sell privately ?


    That depends. Of course you can get more from a private party,  but time consuming besides getting all the money. The show/dealer has to leave room to resell your trade or its not worth it to them. But it’s a done deal at the time you are looking at the one you really want without money hassles.

    So,  it depends on how much value you put on your time.


    Slim Lundeen

    I don’t know about selling your old rig but I am going to the Tacoma RV Show Thursday to see if I can make a deal on an Arctic Fox 25Y. Almost pulled the trigger last year but now is the time. Just a little anxious right now.


    Hit the show on the last day you stand a good chance of getting good deal.  They don’t want haul them.  My cousin got a good deal on a boat that way.

    Slim Lundeen

    I have to work that day and don’t want to miss the pay. I have been pricing the rig that I want so I know what is a good price. But you definitely are right; that would be the best way to go.

    Joe Hunnicutt

    Having kids that are in the business of sales (my son-in-law is currently working the LA Boat Show) I can tell you that them not wanting to “haul it back” is a fallacy.  The majority of sales generated by a show aren’t actually made there at the show, they happen at the dealerships over the next ten days to two weeks.  There can be manufacturer incentives at a show that can lower your price but when it’s all said and done the purpose of the show is to bring in masses of customers for the sales people to pitch.  Instead of getting one or two ups in a day (if they’re lucky), each salesman will get many times that thus improving his odds of making a sale and putting some food on the table.  Also, it’s not that common to actually take delivery of the unit right there.  Most units are not prepped for delivery on the show floor.

    The main advantage for the consumer is selection not discounts.  You the customer have literally hundreds of different models, shapes and sizes to choose from so if you don’t firmly have your mind made up about exactly what you want then a show is a good place to “try on” as many models as you like.  Even if you do have your mind made up it never hurts to go see what else is out there, you never know.

    There really isn’t a down side to the consumer as far as these shows go and even if you’re not in the market they can be a real learning experience.  Keep in mind that “you” are usually much more knowledgeable about RV’s and their systems than the guy trying to sell you the unit though.  If you ask a question regarding a system the stereo or navigation remember that the salesman you’re talking to just can’t memorize every little detail about what he’s selling and may or may not be the best source of information about the nuances of each unit.\

    The bottom line is this:  Whether you buy at a show or at the dealership, if you leave the lot killing bugs in your new purchase that dealership will be happy, you won’t drive them down in price any lower than they want to go.  The key is, will you be happy with what you paid??  Dealerships today don’t tend to have the wiggle room on prices of yesteryear and they won’t cut their throats simply because the person who is standing behind you will pay the price that they have to get.


    Thanks for the great insight @fotojoe   :good:

    Slim Lundeen

    You know that makes sense. Last year when we went we did just like you mentioned; tried everyone on. This year, having decided what we wanted we were able to hook up with the same guy as last year, who by the way is a great guy to deal with, ask a bunch of questions, and make the deal. Yeah, I don’t take delivery till March, and I paid more then I wanted to but did get a bunch of extras, not necessarily thrown in but a good price. Know your prices going in, specially if you’re buying accessories along with it. Now I just have to wait,…..and wait,….. at least that’s what it seems like.

    Dave Schramm

    Great info Joe,

    the wife and I are looking at a couple of RV’s.we narrowed it down to two,one was a 5th wheel the other a TT.but we just saw a video on the Winnie Plus from Winnebago.

    and we’re leaning towards that one.we have a show coming up at the end of February.we missed Hershey this past year,so i really can’t wait for this show.

    Dave and Sheryl

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