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    I have a Bogart TM 2030 battery monitor, 2x Trojan T105 batteries (1 year old) and a PD 9260 intelli power charger.  I have the original OEM converter/charger still but I keep it shut off at the breaker.  It’s all been working fine for over a year but just lately the SOC reported on the monitor won’t go above 96% even when I’m plugged in to shore power for days.  Like right now I’ve been on shore power for 3 days and the monitor reports 12.8v, -0.2 amps (phantom loads) and SOC 96%.  It doesn’t look like any charging is going on.  I don’t know if the charger is not working correctly, the batteries are full but the monitor is reporting wrong or the batteries just won’t accept the charge they used to.

    Any ideas on what’s going on? or how to diagnose what’s going on?



    Have you had your batteries drawn down lately? Or have they mostly been well above 90% for an extended period?

    If so you may want to disconnect the charging and draw them down to say 70%, then let things charge again so it can go through all the charging phases and recalibrate.

    If you are running wet cell lead acid you can use a hydrometer to check each cell and make sure there isn’t one going bad.

    Also, you can give Bogart a call, they are usually very helpful.

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    Thanks Ray.  We just got back from 3 weeks on the road so they have been up and down with a mix of dry camping and shore power.  I’ll try and draw them down and then charge and see if that helps.



    If you figure they are fully charged you could always hit the reset. Sometimes the calibration can drift and get out of whack.

    “Batt% full” (to 100%) –


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