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    After the majority of the winter in the southwest USA I headed north and am spending much of the summer in Montana. My son lives here and has a body shop. What’s really nice for me is that his shop sits in one heck of a beautiful rural location and provides a great place to park for my time here. Just a mile away lie the “Bridger’s” with peaks above timberline. (Here it is the 10th of June and they are getting snowed upon at the moment..  :unsure:

    I am in heaven, of sorts, with access to all kinds of tools and equipment. I have several things on my list to get done while I’m here. One of them has been to build a custom bike rack for the back of my trailer. My original thought had been to put a light weight hitch receiver on the back and just get a receiver type bike rack. But after realizing how far off of the back the bike would hang with the spare tire mounted back there I decided I wanted the bike to hang as flush to the back of the trailer as I could get it.

    So I came up with a frame which I welded up out of some thin-wall square tubing and bolted it to the upright post on the bracket for the spare. The other issue I had was in blocking the tail-lights from view so went vertical with the bike rather than horizontal.

    My total $ investment was less than $30.00. I like that the best!

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    Looks like a great job and very functional. You will have to keep us updated on how it works out.  B-)


    In your case , that’s 30 bucks extremely well spent. Looks like you’ve seen a bike or two destroyed and/or dragging behind an RV and know better.  Normally Id see 30 bucks and be thinking you can kiss your bike goodbye. Although as flemsy as they are, I really wish I had one like your’s. My popup has an L shaped bar for a bumper and even the rookiest of rookies wouldn’t try much weight. Nice work.


    That definitely looks great.  Bet you will be very happy with it.  My thing is that I don’t like hanging things up high; just takes too much effort.  A tray type bike rack is what I like.  I am lucky that my boy has a weld shop and is pretty good at fabbing.  Mostly he builds thumbs for excavators.  But when I wanted a receiver on the back of our pop up he was more then happy to oblige.  What we did though was to weld it to the frame and stayed away from the bumper completely.  And with the position of the spare tire the bottom bracket sits right next to it so it’s snugged up right next to the trailer.  Our new Arctic Fox is set up the same way.  And with a hitch tightener it doesn’t rattle around, keeping unnecessary stress off of the receiver.


    Sounds great Slim. Picher’s, we need a picher!


    Here’s a shot in the spray booth.



    We will be having some free time after finishing up the installation of gear wheel and top racks on the current Jeep project. This bike rack is a good mod for the RV. Will include this on the to do list.

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