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    I’m looking to change my RV roadside assistance policy. I was wanting to know which company would offer the best coverage on my truck and fifth wheel trailer. Would like to get the lowdown on the best one.

    Peter & Suzanne

    We have had very good service with Good Sam. Have used it three times in the last 5 years, once for the truck and twice for the trailer. A highly recommended service.


    I have CoachNet. I’ve used them a few times in the past 5 years. Very easy to deal with.

    Jay Chowhan

    We live in Ontario and we have Good Sams Platinum +. I asked if guy cover Canada too, they said yes. We have used them here. They were quick once I told them my GPS coordinates. I had a utility trailer that broke the hitch. The took it to a neighbor’s welding shop to fix it.  Very happy with Good Sams service.

    We had CAA RV Plus but found Good Sams cheaper in the long run. It covers any trailer I use & my wife is covered at no additional expense.



    We use CoachNet and have had to use them several times.


    I have decided to go with GoodSam Road service. I think this will give me the best coverage.

    I have a Chevy 2500 HD truck, Fuzion 325 5th wheel, Suzuki motorcycle.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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