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    US Govt site that shows gas prices by State/City.




    Don’t start with this! Come to Canada, price is a minimum 30% more.  Diesel finally went below gasoline in the last couple of week.  $1.32/l.  Lets see 1.32 x 4 l/imp gal = $ too much!  Even 1.32 x 3.5 l/US gal = way too much!!


    Gas here now is $3.49/US gal and diesel is $3.79/US gal.  🙁


    Ours in CT at a cheap gas station is $3.69, most are over $3.80. :cry:-Nancy

    Marsha & Dewey

    Thanks for the gas link. That’s going to come in handy! :bye:  :yahoo:


    I won’t mind finding a nice location and staying there for a long while -NO GAS $$$ SPENT!


    We use a phone app called Gas Buddy.  It lets you see the gas or diesel prices in the area you are in or you can enter another city so you can decide to wait for a better price further along. It is user updated, so you can enter prices you see at stations. There is some kind of points reward for updating prices, but I haven’t really got into that part. We are able to find the cheapest fuel using this app.

    One thing we are finding here in BC, Canada…if there is a Costco gas bar (only gas, unfortunately) in the area, the prices are way lower at all the stations there.  If you have a membership for Costco, it will usually run about 1 cent cheaper for you there. But, if not you can still get it at one of the other gas stations in the area for a pretty good price.


    On the drive down to Texas we found Stripes stations usually have the cheapest fuel.  Just a caution about cheap fuel – sometimes cheap equals bad quality.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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