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    got an amazon link to that combo, Dan?


    This is a link for Amazon.

    But I bought it about a year ago at camping world they had a better price at the time


    Another business that has these washer dryer combos plus individual washers and dryers that can be stacked is Calling is free to get questions answered if they can help you.  I have found them less on parts compared to other RV parts dealers. Me? I play the cost game so depends on price as well as delivery time. Most of the time Amazon is where I go but I have used pplmotorhomes other times.



    We just bought our 2nd fifth wheel, used, back in January and have used it once on our trip down to Florida in April. We were looking for something with more room and looked at a lot of units and settled on one of the Jayco’s. Can’t remember which one though. We were surprised when the dealer we had been talking with sent us info on a Sabre. Never saw one before and it had everything we wanted and at a great price. I think a lot of what you look for has to suit your needs and ability to tow within the limits of your truck. If you have looked at a number of units, you can tell quality if you spend time in them. Another thing that I can add is that with the cost of these units, buying used is a great way to go in a 2 or 3 year old unit. You can save at least 30 to 50% off new. I would definitely add an extended warranty which even for the cost takes the fear out of buying used. We had one issue with the rear stabilizer motor failing on the way home from Florida and the repair was a $500 bill but with the warranty it cost only $50. We love our rig and look forward to many years in it as we get ready to retire and start traveling more. Enjoy the hunt and don’t get too hung up on which unit may be better. It’s your money and spend it on what you want and need. Happy Trails, Doug


    We love our Vanleigh/ Vilano 325RL.  Customer service like no  other available  from our experience .  The Tiffon name means something still.

    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016


    If I bought used I’d buy a roll of eterna bond and 6 tubes of dicor get on the roof and start to work. Our friends who owned a Keystone just had a front cap replaced because it was leaking and no signs till a texas flood(meaning a heavy Thunder storm) rolled through and they found moisture in the closet.


    We became FullTimers July !6th, 2016


    I really like the Jayco line but they void the warranty if you live in it full time.  Apparently.


    Extended Or Full Time Usage
    Your new recreation vehicle has been built for enjoyment in a recreational manner. It is not
    intended for use as full-time quarters or a permanent residence. Continuous living in your
    vehicle could cause accelerated wear and damage to the various components.
    Continuous or permanent living in your recreation vehicle may affect your
    warranty coverage and may void the “Limited Warranty” applicable to your

    I’d never heard of Vanleigh or Vilano.  NICE coaches.  Out of my price range though.  Sadly.  Probably going to stick with Grand Design.


    Sure like our Spartan 300 series toy hauler 37 ft and with the toy hauler you can customize it to your liking put an office back there it’s got the drop down beds Dinette



    We love our Vanleigh/ Vilano 325RL. Customer service like no other available from our experience . The Tiffon name means something still.

    We saw this line for the first time at the RV Show in Quartzsite. Unfortunately the Beacon had already been sold. The quality of the finish inside and out was outstanding and the price point very reasonable. Congrats…we’re jealous!

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