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    I’ve seen this on other forums but not here.  I know “best” is very subjective.  I guess I’m looking for opinions from those in the know what the most robust 5th wheels are.  And tow vehicles too!

    Right now I’m dreaming about a Trilogy 36RL and towing it with a GMC Sierra 3500HD Diesel.


    Check out Spacecraft,


    Wow!  Those look nice!  And really expensive. :)  I think we’ll have to stick to the “regular” 5th wheel manufacturers.   And the trailer will probably have to be used to fit into our budget.



    Because we boondock a lot, spend some months in cooler coastal weather and prefer a smaller size fifth wheel I would be looking at an Arctic Fox if I was upgrading the Cougar.

    From the ones I’ve seen I really like the look of the build quality and fit and finish. Strong frame and suspension for a little more off roading. They are also designed as a true 4 season rig. Heavier insulation and heated tanks.

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    I really like your Cougar Ray.  The only thing I didn’t like about it, and this is nit-picky, is the dinette. :)  I want a regular table and chairs.  And Cristy will NOT go to a laundromat so it will need to be pre-plumbed for a washer/dryer.  Even one so small it means you have to do a load every day. :)

    I was looking at some Hitchhiker trailers that looked pretty good too.   One of them has about a 4000 lb payload.  A lot of them I’m looking at seem to have in the neighborhood of only a 2000 lb payload.   Seems like that extra payload would come in hand for things like having canned goods in the pantry and consumer grade appliances.  And water.


    Just checked out Arctic Fox.  Looks nice.  I’ll add that one to the list.  I like this model.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of pantry space.



    I’ve heard that DRV Suites are nice units too and many folks here have Montanas and like them.

    Our Cougar has regular table and chairs.

    Payload is 2800 lbs, definitely is nice to have extra. Also keep in mind the dry weight is some fictional figure, they discount so many things you assume would be included in a dry weight, the true dry weight before you start loading your own stuff is always higher.

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    Absolutely.  Which is why I figure the larger the net carrying capacity they list, the better.


    Any opinions on Bighorn?  We saw one and really fell in love with the floor plan.  It’s a little longer than I wanted at 39′.  But the sales folks said it’s one of the few they had on their lot that the warranty covers full time living.  I guess most don’t?  Here is the model we liked…


    A lot of people love their artic fox truck campers. So im sure like Ray said their 5th wheels should also be good quality.


    Any opinions on Jayco?  There are tons of Jayco dealers where I live which makes me think they might be a little on the cheaply made side.  What do y’all think?



    I have a Jayco travel trailer, 28 BHS, 2012. I’ve had a few problems with it, mostly minor stuff. These are put together very quickly and it shows, very much if you look into areas most people wouldn’t, ie, wiring behind the cabinet baffle, some of the gas line routing for the stove and so on. Take a flashlight and mirror so you can see into the “hidden” areas. I still have construction debris coming out of the walls.


    Yeah, right after I posted that I started reading some reviews.  Nevermind. Jayco is off the list. :-)


    you might want to look at Bayhill, or grand design they seem to be well constructive, I have never own one of these, just saw them at the RV show.

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