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    The Fullowkas

    Okay, so we were thinking it would be closer to boon dock in B.C come Spring till we read about bears..don’t know how I was so naive. But what areas have the best not too hot – maybe 70’s weather conditions and that offer cheap camping with little bears, in B.C for the Spring?


    Yes, yes…we don’t need no steenkin’ bears!


    Oh come on!  Bears are cuddly creatures.  Seriously, if you take the correct precautions bears will not bother you.  Don’t leave food out, take your garbage to the dumpster every day, that sort of thing and you’ll not have any problems.  If you are going for a walk and you know there are bears in the area, make noise.  Bears, like any animal, do not want to risk injury so will go for the easy food which is not you.  Exception is mama bear with cubs.  If you see a bear cub LEAVE the area IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t stop to take pictures unless you know where mama bear is and even then I would still vacate the area.  No wearing perfumes or other scents.  These can smell like food to bears.  Ray posted a few spots on the BC coast which would be relatively bear free. :bye:

    The Fullowkas

    LOL- have been maybe watching too many grizzly shows… we see the hunters being quiet and not making noise. Guess I’m a worry wart- overly cautious- am like that with people too. A good way to be or no? :scratch:


    check out BC Parks website. I always check Prov/state parks when planning any trip. I try to use them whenever and wherever I can

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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