Aquatank II Water Storage Bladder

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    In this video, I unpack and test out my new Aquatank 2 water storage bladder. It has been on my boondocking wishlist for a while now. This Christmas Anne surprised me with one under the tree.

    My new Aquatank will be put to use fetching extra fresh water to increase our dry camping time without breaking camp. I have the 30-gallon model, it also comes in 15, 60, 150 and 300 gallon sizes.

    The Aquatank is made of nylon and food-grade polyurethane making it super sturdy. It weighs hardly anything and folds down small for storage. There are built in fill and drain hoses and nozzles.

    The first run was a success! It was a snap to fill and with the aid of an old RV water pump, took about 10 minutes to transfer the water into the trailers freshwater tank.

    Manufacturer Link –

    Aquatank II –


    Enjoyed that demo Ray, Hope Lola and I can get back to some dry camping soon. Had Eddie to install me a pump in line with fresh water feed when we did solar. Have always used it to pump from the Blue cans like you have. Now I give myself a little more storage removing the two 6 1/2 Gal cans. As you say Ray, Cheers


    Awesome Ray!
    I love mine too!

    When its empty and I dont plan on using it for a while, I will put a couple drops of bleach in  with maybe a quart of water still in it, swish it around and then drain that.
    Same thing I do with my ‘buckets’.

    Speaking of which, like Rush said, those buckets take up a lot of room and I haven’t used mine in a couple of months. I think I’ll leave them at the ranch. They are pretty banged up anyway.

    The bladder is way more efficient.

    Welcome to the club!

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