A Tale of Serendipity

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    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, seasonal camping sites in Alberta are at a premium. The constant increase in resource development has occupied most of the campsites with long term workers using them as a base to work out from. New local bylaws are coming into place restricting further development in the campsites, many are now requiring that sheds, decks and fences be removed or the campsites business licence will be revoked.

    Our seasonal is going through the same pains, we are now full. The noise level on weekends is worse than the city, my backyard in the city is quieter! Traffic is constant, golf carts, trucks etc. on gravel roads, even at low speeds the dust is constant. The power grid in the campsite is strained, it’s nothing unusual for voltage to drop to 105-108 vac during the day. Everyone but us seems to have a dog now, shoe surprises and constant barking are becoming the norm. We’ve been looking for a different spot for a while, but all places are full.

    We considered getting an acreage, but what we could afford would take earth moving equipment to level, and a lot of it was right next to a slough. I’m getting to old to handle the upkeep on multiple acres.

    We did find a spot! An older development called Summer Haven that was built in the early 70’s just before the oilfield bust at that time. The family that owned the land has used it for decades for weekend camping, but never built a permanent structure, just sheds. Two lots, 100′ by 125′. Because they never built a permitted structure, the banks won’t allow a mortgage on the property, which pushed the price down. We put in our offer, and it was accepted!

    The site has no power, water or sewage. This means the only bill will be taxes, at $251 a year, we can easily handle that. This solves a major problem for us and retirement. We needed to maintain an Alberta address. We don’t have as nice a climate as Vancouver Island, but, we do have the lowest income tax, and sales tax, good medical coverage for seniors, provincial income supplement, plus the proximity to family that we desired to keep. This also means we can sell our house in the city in a few years, and put the money away for travel and other senior expenses. Should be a great chance to develop all the boondocking skills and equipment to keep us self sufficient!


    Looks like a terrific spot! Congrats. Can’t go wrong with 251 dollars a year taxes, wow, good deal.


    That is awesome! Our seasonal spot is at the club – we pay more than you! Our club fees are 300.00 a year!
    It sounds like retirement is coming together nicely for you guys!!! :yahoo:


    I have always been blessed in this aspect, whenever we really need something, it always shows up. Of course, you do have to look for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    $300 a year? Sounds like a great club!


    The club has a lot of land, family picnics (Lobster Bake coming up in July!), Club house with cable TV, Pool Table, HUGE kitchen, showers, hiking trails (or ATV) and, of course our favorite, The Pond! It has around 300 members, but the campground ( No Electric, water or sewage ) is not really full. But it does have a hall that is rented out to club members- this past Sat. was a Stag Party. Got a little rowdy. The sites are far enough away from the community area so it doesn’t bother us! – Nancy ๐Ÿ˜€


    I think it’s great you have land you own!

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