A Great Beagle Life – Memorial to Angie

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    On October 10th, 2018 we said goodbye to our lovely beagle, Angie. (Angelina Beaglina) She was 15 years 7 months and had several degenerative ailments, it was time. I feel she was ready to depart this life, and I honored her by letting her go before things progressed too far.

    I decided to make this memorial video for all the loved her. It includes several video clips and a chronologically ordered slideshow of photos starting from puppyhood right up to her final days. You’ll see she was very well traveled and had a great many adventures!

    Folks that came to know Angie through my blog and videos will get to see Angie as a pup and in her younger days before we began the full-time RV life and Love Your RV! was born.
    She was a super cutie.

    I hope you enjoy the video, but be warned a supply of tissue may be needed towards the end. Thanks for all you’re sympathetic and heartwarming comments during this tough time for Anne and me. Much appreciated, Ray

    Dan Huhn

    Ray this was a great tribute to Angie. This was a nice way to remember her,and all the joy she brought to both of you over the years. Thanks for sharing this video.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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