6 Very Scenic US Southwest Campspots

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    1. An ocean beach in the California desert.
    2. Unique campsite among huge volcanic boulders.
    3. Camping off the beaten path along the Rio Grande.
    4. Ever camped in a lava field?
    5. Fantastic off the grid red rock desert camping.
    6. Want to camp on an alien planet?

    We were treated to many beautiful camp spots during this last snowbird season down in the desert. But, six of them really stand out for me in several ways.  :yes:

    First they all were new to us having never visited the these spots in our past trips. Second they offered gorgeous 360 degree views right from our RV. Thirdly they offered plenty of breathing room between other RVs and us. And finally mother nature was most kind to us at each one, offering up some awesome weather, spectacular sunsets, and interesting plants and wildlife for our viewing pleasure.


    Thanks Ray ,added these to must visit list.


    Wow love the Alien Planet and the Lava Field, so cool on our list 😮


    Gonna need a deeper bucket!  The list keeps growing!!  :yahoo:


    looking forward to experience some of these locations this fall.


    We’ve been following your adventures on U-Tube and are getting some great travel ideas for when we retire.  Keep the videos coming.


    We agree with Bob and Nancy need a bigger bucket with an earlier start date


    haha, I need a bigger bucket too, the more I travel around the more stuff I find out about for return trips :good:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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