3 RV Cranial Cramps

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    3 new boneheaded blunders from Love Your RV!   :Silly:


    Byron Todd

    I have not done this personally, but I know someone who moved their travel trailer without raising their stabilizer jacks all the way up. This does not have a happy ending.

    Jim Streeter

    Thanks for the video.  Good to know that others have mistakes.  Watching your video I could see you changing your title to “mobile minimalist “.



    Ray, thanks again for the cranial boo boo’s.


    Thanks Ray,

    Not always easy to admit all the mistake we do with our RV’s

    I remember destroying 2 of those wheel yellow think we use to brass the wheels… being in a hurry not checking everything and not understanding why the truck and 5th wheel had so munch difficulty to move and just applying more throttle. to solve the problem… you know how that ended   :wacko:




    Yep! Right there with you!

    Banged up my tailgate to the point that when I closed it, it was in a bind and would not open without prying it. Not good on a gate that has the built-in pull-out step.
    I stopped into a local body shop asking if they could re-align it. They did with some ratchet straps – seems the bed walls were out of sync with the catches. Not perfect, but at least it opens.
    When done, I was prepared to pay but they did it free! I also busted the air-fitting to the pin box. I fixed that with a air-valve extension.

    I also have a collection of scrapes down the sides of the trailer where a few trees/bushes had to be relocated.

    And a crease in the skirt that has no known cause.

    Knock on wood that we don’t get any more ‘oh sh&t’s!’

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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