2017/18 Snowbird Trip Wraps Up

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    In this video, I wrap up our 2017/18 Snowbird season with a visit to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park, Washington

    Then we take the MV Coho Ferry of the Black Ball Line from Port Angeles WA across the Juan De Fuca Strait to Victoria BC. I give you a look at the ferry docking and the views from onboard.

    For more info on the Coho Ferry see this previous blog post – http://www.loveyourrv.com/black-ball-line-mv-coho-ferry-trip/

    See all the trips videos in the 2017/18 Snowbird trip playlist – https://goo.gl/CPfq91

    Kent V. W.

    That was one wonderful video Ray. I can only imagine what it must be like to be/live in a coastal environment. Beautiful.

    Sorry that our paths didn’t cross this past winter. Maybe next year?




    Pulled right up beside another Cougar I see.

    Stephen C Keller

    Sure will miss all the adventures and the seemingly long dry spell while you, Anne and Angie summer in Vancouver Island. Here is hoping for a safe, warm summer and more adventures there. Sure did love all the great videos again.


    Great video Ray.  As I was watching, I kept thinking to myself:

    “I wonder how Ray fit the Cougar in the belly of this boat?  I bet that took maneuvering.  I wonder what that looks like and how do you get it out if it’s not a straight thru way like most ferries? ”

    Alas, at the end, I got my answer.  That was cool.  Good stuff.  I’d be pretty apprehensive trying to to something like that the first time.  I bet it’s no big deal now for you  :Laughing:


    It’s pretty easy, just need to follow the deck hands who help load. They guide you down the lane.


    Great Video Ray,Glad you had such a good winter!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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