13 Year old rubber roof : Luquid EPDM Roof Coating. What do you think ?

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    Project # 1 … :Lightbulb: :Lightbulb: :Lightbulb: Planning on some maintenance on the 2003 class C this summer . The roof is in pretty good condition for its age with no leaks or tears in  it.   Took extra care of it since we got her new !  But we been thinking about if we should take and coat the roof with a EPDM liquid  roof coating  or not. We are open to all of your idea’s .

    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Paul & Michelle! Here is a video on what we did for our EPDM roof.

    Happy Trails!!!


    We used Fibered Aluminum roof coating on our roof with good success.


    Terry McDonald

    I have a 2005 fifth wheel that the roof needed a refurb.  About a quarter had the black underlayment starting to show. I had watched the Henry’s Tropi-Cool video and did some other research.

    I got a five gallon (actually 4.75 gallon 18 liters) and did my roof (from local Home Depot). I scrubbed and pressure washed (be careful you could probably tear a hole in the roof with the tight jets) the roof to get rid of the chalk layer.

    The edging and cutting around all of the roof fixtures and the sides was a pain but the main surface goes very easy and fast (rollers). Since I live in South Carolina and it is almost never winter, it was in the 90’s with very high humidity 80 to 90%, I had to work fast. The coating cures by drawing moisture from the air and I had plenty! It would start to get tacky almost immediately so you had to do small patch then another and not take big long strokes. I rolled the entire top in an hour of so.

    I rented two sections of scaffolding to reach the sides of my unit and it was a lot better than moving a ladder (We also did a major cleaning and waxing of the unit). One issue that I had that no one had mentioned (remember I live in South Carolina where you can get mosquito bitten on Christmas day) was that the brilliant white surface attracted every bug in the area and they landed and stuck! A light brushing before and after the second coat removed the big ones that were not embedded, but they will not hurt the coating but I don’t have a showroom smooth roof.

    I would highly recommend this product as I could see immediate benefits.  The actual surface of the roof was much cooler and so was the interior.  After setting in the sun for a while, it was much cooler and it took much longer for the Fan-tastic fan to come on.


    Stephen C Keller

    They make a kit that contains a cleaner and dressing for the roof. As long as the roof does not have any leaks that kit works well. Also you can use Dawn Dish Soap (good stand by for anything LOL) and rinse the roof well and let dry then use one of the coatings from Home Depot, Menards or one of the big box stores to go over the roof and add another soft layer to the top of the roof. I had been following some other RVers who have been using these roof coatings and are getting 10 plus years before they need to redo the roof again with a coat. Some used SealBest Duck Coat White Thermoplastic Roof Coating – 4.75-gal. and had great luck with it. I used SealBest White Elastomeric Roof Coating – 4.75-gal. on mine and so far it has done a great job of staying on without any bubbles or flaking off. I did do a lot of research before I used the SealBest Elastomeric just to make sure it would work on my EPDM roof. I had purchased it for another camper I owned but someone came along and offered me more money than I paid for it so I let it go without using the coating on it. One thing to watch out for is using the Aluminum Roof Coating on a rubber roof as it isn’t really made for it. But  it does reflect the heat 😀

    Stephen C Keller

    Also I am no expert. Only pass on what I have read or done myself which I believe each of us have done. Do research everything out before you jump. One thing I can say is it really isn’t a hard job to do. Just takes time unless you have a a few cases for the supervisors and grandsons to do the hard labor. :good:  Have a great day everyone   :yahoo:


    Hi we have used this twice already. Great product. A little pricey but it is one coat so i guess not as bad as we thought. anyway first time in three years the roof did not leak.  It does dry to a very nice seamless appearance.  i think they offer 50% off shipping but you have to enter some promo code on their site hope that helps

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