RVing Resources Page

Where to go for help? I get a lot of questions these days from new RVers hungry for information on one thing or the other and find myself giving out links to many different RV web resources. So I decided to put them down on one RVing resources page. Below you’ll find some of the … Read more

RV Quick Tips

RV Quick Tips

Here are some of my favorite RV Quick Tips Is the Black Tank almost full tip Just before the black tank gets to the right full stage the toilet will start to sound a little different and a small burp or bubble of air will happen. This means the waste level is above the vent … Read more

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you all get many treats and few tricks tonight. If you are decorating your rig upload a picture of it for us all to see. Speaking of pictures I’ve recently installed a new Gallery feature to RV Happy Hour. Each member now has their own Gallery area to create personal galleries in. Head over … Read more

News and Notes for RV Happy Hour

Hi everyone, thanks again for joining us. Spammers So far the site is running well with a few hiccups here and there as would be expected with a new website. Yesterday a spammer signed up and immediately formed a group and sent out invites. I was able to catch and delete them pretty quick, but … Read more

Image Resizing Howto Using Pixlr

I have noticed a few members are having difficulty with image uploads. The software that runs the RV Happy Hour site places some restrictions on the file sizes we can upload. This is so the website performs well, if too many huge sized images were allowed to be uploaded the speed of the site suffers. … Read more

RVwest Magazine Feature Article

RV West feature photo

A few months ago I was approached by RVwest magazine and asked if they could publish one of my blog posts. Also they wanted to do an interview with Anne and I for some online articles and possible inclusion in the print version on their magazine. Well they liked our RVing story so much we … Read more

RV Happy Hour is mobile friendly

Mobile RVHH Feature Image

The RV happy Hour site is designed to work well on most mobile devices. The menu system will change, as well as the text and photos to suit the smaller screen size. This should make it easier for members to check in and see what’s happening with friends and post updates on the go. Give … Read more

10 Simple Tips to Help Maintain the RV

Ten tips to keep your RV working smoothly 1. Lubrication – A little lube goes a long way. Keep all the hinges, locks, sliders, and basically anything that moves well lubricated. I find the handiest lube to keep on hand is a dry silicone type. Works well in almost all applications and resists attracting dirt. … Read more

Check out LoveYourRV.com

LoveYourRV.com Blog

If you haven’t yet visited our sister site LoveYourRV.com head over and check it out for all kinds of great RVing information. There are RV Mods, Product Reviews, RV Tips and a great Travel Blog. Don’t forget to check out the Photo Gallery to get some ideas of great places to RV. Here is a … Read more

Welcome to the RV Happy Hour

HI, my name is Ray from LoveYourRV.com. It is a blog I write detailing my experiences as full-time RVer. One of my favorite aspects of RVing is meeting people as we travel around. It’s so interesting to make friends with folks from all over the country and the world for that matter. I find RVers … Read more