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    The Fullowkas
    • Creighton, Sask.

    Has anyone had issues with mice getting in their RV? When we bought ours we found bags of mice bait in it. Hubby has put tennis balls in the pipes now while it’s covered for the winter but just wondering if that is an issue -and where it would most likely occur? :scratch:


    Julie Gramoll
    • United States

    We have been lucky the last couple years when we have stored ours.  We put Bounce dryer sheets all over the inside, including down under the sink, etc.  We also tape up the vent areas outside where they could get in and then sprinkle moth balls around the areas that touch the ground, such as hitch and tires.  Our camper is stored in a quansat hut on a farm, so if anywhere has mice it would be there and we have been amazed with the job that does.  Our family also has 3 other campers stored in there every year and the one that did not do the items above was the one that saw mouse droppings.  Good luck!


    • El Paso Texas 79924 USA

    WHo ever had the camper before you all must of parked in an infested area of mice. They can get in from power cords left on the ground or even from the tires then finding a small opening to get inside the camper. If you have pets remove the bait stations. I would get under the camper and inspect from one end to the other  for any small openings and you can use that foam in a can to close them up. ANother way is to wait till its dark. turn on all the lights inside the camper and see if you can see the light from underneath. Check all inside plugs switches make sure they all work, Also do as much as you can to visually check the wires from the batteries under the camper and in closets so forth to see if any wires are exposed. Hopefully no mice ate any of the insulation on the wires. If there is anything of concern you might consider taking it to a mechanic for a check on the electrical system. That would be for a more piece of mind. Look for mice droppings Clean everything real well cabinets inside and out, do a total spring cleaning.


    • El Paso Texas 79924 USA

    Also people forget that mice eat the bait and die somewhere else. If you notice a smell in the camper you cannt get rid of you probably have one dead in the walls somewhere. I would remove the bait in case where the camper is now that no mice eat it and die somewhere in the walls.


    • Victoria, BC V8Z 4P8, Canada

    Oh! this is a great thread. I’m in the process of writing a Tips for storing the RV post for the blog. One of the sections is Rodents and Bugs. Some neat tips here I could use. :)

    One thing I know is take out anything they might eat, even stupid things like toothpaste or soap.

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    Julie Gramoll
    • United States

    Your right Ray…we take out all food, spices, etc.  I even take out any towels, paper products, etc. so there is nothing to build a nest with.  It then helps in spring when we do a once over for cleaning…shelves are bare and easy to clean thoroughly before the start of the next great camping season!


    The Fullowkas
    • Creighton, Sask.

    Thank you everyone for all the great replies- we’ll be re- reading these all and going through the RV- as well as removing those baits :)


    The Fullowkas
    • Creighton, Sask.

    I agree- but never thought of that- we’ll remove those mice baits for sure.


    The Fullowkas
    • Creighton, Sask.

    It is very clean though- the dealer cleaned it top to bottom and us too but those mice bags were in a  few spots we noticed.. but good to know. And we’ll be reading and putting in place alot of everyone’s great tips  :bye:


    • Kamloops BC

    We have used dryer sheets and never had a problem.

    When washing an area where mice/rodents have been you have to wash their scent off so they won’t come back. We used to use bleach & water and wash the whole area down not just the point of entry.



    One area to have a really close look at is where the water line comes through the floor. Our unit had an 8″ hole directly overtop of the water tank, they had cut the flooring in a X, and then just folded it back over the hole. Took a full bag of 0000 steel wool to backfill. We did have mice, not any more.

    I’ve used steel wool and foam combo on several RV’s and never had a recurrence of mice entering that area again.

    Mouse urine odor. I used to work on farm equipment, and the mice would nest in the rooftop AC. The stench would be incredible when you turned the heat or AC on. An old farmer told me how to get rid of the smell. Straight Pure vanilla extract wiped on the steel, artificial doesn’t work. Smells like cookies for a while, and the urine smell is gone when it fades.


    • Texas

    Steel wool, for sure…and Irish Spring bar soap.

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    • Kamloops BC

    Straight Pure vanilla works on removing odors from fridges & freezers as well.


    Bob and Nancy
    • Middletown Connecticut,USA

    We had a mouse in our RV just this past week and found that the old faithful mousetrap worked very efficiently to catch the little vermin! It is now deceased!  Chewed up part of a roll of toilet paper, pooped all over the place and tore up a “chamois” that we use to wipe down the shower walls. 3 more traps are set and it’s been 24 hours with no more mice showing up. We also added the Irish Spring soap  to see how that works.  Thanks for the pure vanilla tip!! :good:

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    We use a product called Fresh Cab. Smells nice to humans but the rodents hate it.


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